Padgett v. Auburn University

From April 2017, to April 2017
Auburn University

Cameron Padgett rented an auditorium on Auburn University’s campus for Richard Spencer, a notorious white supremacist, to speak. Fearing violence and protests the University cancelled the speech. Padgett filed for a preliminary injunction and which was granted.

Lopez v. Canadaele

From July 2009, to May 2016
Los Angeles City College

Speech Professor called student a fascist and refused to grade his presentation after student expressed anti-gay religious beliefs in the speech. Student filed suit against the school alleging that the school’s harassment policy was overbroad and that the professor had violated his First Amendment rights.

Keister v. Bell

January 2017
The University of Alabama

Traveling minister was stopped from preaching on a sidewalk adjacent to the University of Alabama by campus police because he did not have the required permit.

Keeton v. Anderson-Wiley

From July 2010, to June 2012
Augusta University

Student in counseling program was required to participate in mandatory remedial courses after she stated that she would express anti-homosexual views to students who came to her for counseling.

Bloedorn v. Grube

From July 2009, to May 2012
Georgia State University

An evangelical preacher filed suit against Georgia State University after he was denied use of the University’s free speech zone.

Oyama v. University of Hawai’i

From March 2012, to June 2016
The University of Hawaii

Student at the University of Hawai’i was removed from his teaching program after making severely questionable statements about the acceptability of sexual relationships with students and the utility of teaching special needs students.