Amy Wax, University of Pennsylvania

December 2021
University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania initiated a sanctions process against a law professor and numerous student groups and the Philadelphia City Council called for her termination at least in part due to her public anti-Asian remarks

University of Nebraska

From July 2021, to August 2021
University of Nebraska

A University of Nebraska Regent attempted to pass a resolution banning critical race theory from curriculums across the University of Nebraska system

University of Iowa

From August 2021, to August 2021
University of Iowa

The University of Iowa told its instructors not to discuss masks or vaccinations unless it related to course material

Reed v. Neiheisel

From October 2014, to July 2015
Northern Michigan University

A faculty member and a student sued members of a student newspaper’s board of directors for allegedly retaliating against them for publishing a number of controversial articles.