Kenneth Storey v. University of Tampa

Kenneth Storey v. University of Tampa

Sociology adjunct is fired from private university after tweeting that Hurricane Harvey "felt like" Karma for Texas residents who voted for Republicans.

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David Guth v. University of Kansas

David Guth v. University of Kansas

Tenured journalism professor was suspended and placed on indefinite leave after tweeting after a mass shooting that the NRA was responsible and that next time "let it be [the NRA's] sons and daughters." He has since returned to teaching.

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Buchanan v. LSU

Buchanan v. LSU

On January 21, 2016, tenured education professor Teresa Buchanan filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the president of Louisiana State University and other top administrators for violating her free speech and due process rights by firing her in 2015.  Buchanan was fired for her alleged occasional use of profanity and sexual language in preparing […]

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Barnes v. Zaccari

From May 2007 to July 2015

Hayden Barnes was a student at Valdosta State University (VSU). In May 2007, Barnes was expelled from VSU by former president Ronald Zaccari for a satirical environmental collage he posted on his personal Facebook page, protesting the planned construction of two parking garages on campus. Barnes was not afforded a hearing, and his expulsion was […]

Reed v. Neiheisel

From October 2014 to July 2015

A faculty member and a student sued members of a student newspaper’s board of directors for allegedly retaliating against them for publishing a number of controversial articles.

Murakowski v. University of Delaware

From June 2005 to September 2008

A student at the University of Delaware sued the university after being disciplined for a website he maintained on the university’s server.

Esfeller v. O’Keefe

From October 2006 to August 2010

A student at Louisiana State University sued after being charged with numerous violations of the school’s code.

Tenured Faculty

Garrett v. Hine

April 2019

Two professors sued Bakersfield College after it allegedly retaliated against them for criticizing the way faculty spent grant money.

Bonnell v. Lorenzo

From February 1998 to October 2001

A faculty member at Macomb Community College filed a lawsuit after being suspended for using obscene language in the classroom and allegedly retaliating against a complainant.

Hulen v. Yates

From July 1995 to March 2003

A tenured professor at Colorado State University sued the university after being transferred to another department, allegedly in retaliation for his contribution to an investigation of a colleague.

Student Group

Pro-Life Cougars v. University of Houston

From October 2001 to March 2003

A pro-life student organization sued the University of Houston after it denied a permit to display a pro-life “exhibit” in a high-pedestrian area of campus.

The Koala v. Khosla

From November 2015 to July 2019

The University of California, San Diego eliminated all funds to student print media after a student newspaper published an article satirizing safe spaces.