Heim v. Daniel

December 2013
The State University of New York at Albany

Second Circuit recognizes an academic exception to restrictions on public employees’ First Amendment rights.

University of Nebraska

From July 2021, to August 2021
University of Nebraska

A University of Nebraska Regent attempted to pass a resolution banning critical race theory from curriculums across the University of Nebraska system

University of Iowa

From August 2021, to August 2021
University of Iowa

The University of Iowa told its instructors not to discuss masks or vaccinations unless it related to course material

Hiers v. Board of Regents of the University of North Texas System

From November 2019, to December 2019
University of North Texas

Adjunct professor was fired after he took flyer from lounge listing out phrases that are microaggressions and cautioning against their use. He added a note on the chalkboard that said “Please don’t leave garbage lying around” and left an arrow pointing to the flyer. The explanation he received for the adverse employment decision was his […]