Barnes v. Zaccari

From May 2007, to July 2015
Valdosta State University

Hayden Barnes was a student at Valdosta State University (VSU). In May 2007, Barnes was expelled from VSU by former president Ronald Zaccari for a satirical environmental collage he posted on his personal Facebook page, protesting the planned construction of two parking garages on campus. Barnes was not afforded a hearing, and his expulsion was […]

Reed v. Neiheisel

From October 2014, to July 2015
Northern Michigan University

A faculty member and a student sued members of a student newspaper’s board of directors for allegedly retaliating against them for publishing a number of controversial articles.

Esfeller v. O’Keefe

From October 2006, to August 2010
Louisiana State University

A student at Louisiana State University sued after being charged with numerous violations of the school’s code.

Haughwout v. Tordenti

From September 2015, to July 2019
Central Connecticut University

A student at Central Connecticut State University sued the school administration after being expelled for making “joking” threats.