Business Leaders in Christ v. The University of Iowa

December 2017
University of Iowa

The University of Iowa allows students to form Registered Student Groups (“RSOs.) RSOs receive funding from the University, and may use the University’s trademarks, facilities, and outdoor spaces. In order to be eligible for RSO status a group must meet certain requirements that include drafting a written constitution. The University also requires that RSOs support […]

McAdams v. Marquette University

From May 2016, to June 2018
Marquette University

A professor at Marquette published a post on his personal blog criticizing the manner in which a graduate-student philosophy instructor interacted with one of her students. He was subsequently suspended and filed suit against the university.

Keefe v. Adams

From February 2013, to April 2017
Central Lakes College

Student was removed from nursing program after posting disparaging statuses about a fellow classmate.

Abbott v. Pastides

From February 2016, to March 2019
University of South Carolina

In 2013, the University of South Carolina adopted “STAF 6.24,” a harassment policy that was purportedly designed to limit discrimination and harassment while ostensibly encouraging the open exchange of ideas. Under the policy, “harassment” includes speech that “may include, but is not limited to, objectionable epithets, [and] demeaning depictions or treatments,” as well as “specific […]

John Doe #1 et al v. Syracuse University

March 2018
Syracuse University

Members of Theta Tau, a fraternity at Syracuse University, filed suit against the University after they were suspended when a recording of a skit that showed fraternity members using racist, homophobic, and sexually explicit language was published by the school’s newspaper.

Smith v. Tarrant County College District

From November 2009, to March 2010
Tarrant County College

Students filed suit against Tarrant County College and several individual defendants after University officials denied them permission to hold a “empty-holster” protest to advocate for allowing students to carry weapons on campus for protection.

Shaw v. Burke

From March 2017, to February 2019
Pierce College

Student was stopped by a college administrator while handing out Spanish-language copies of the Constitution outside of the College’s “Free Speech Area.”