Mucaj v. University of Connecticut

October 2019
University of Connecticut

In October 2019, two students at the University of Connecticut were arrested by University police for shouting the n-word in a parking lot late at night. Following this incident, the University began disciplinary proceedings. As a result of those proceedings, administrators found that the students were determined to have violated school policy and suggested that the students’ housing agreements with the school be terminated. In January, the students were informed of an imminent hearing on the situation. In response, the students filed a complaint against the school alleging violation of their First Amendment rights and requesting a temporary restraining order preventing the school from sanctioning the students.

Young Americans for Liberty at Montclair State University v. Trustees of Montclair State University

January 2020
Montclair State University

Plaintiffs challenge the constitutionality of several polices implemented by Montclair State University, including: (1) a requirement for pre-approval of student speech which retains unbridled discretion to deny such permits; (2) a system that allows the SGA to set “classifications” of organizations based on speech that affects privileges and funding opportunities; and (3) the use of a bias task force to punish “bias incidents,” a term that encompasses First Amendment protected speech.

Speech First, Inc. v. Killeen

May 2019
University of Illinois

The University of Illinois’s Student Code restricts students from advocating for non-campus candidates without gaining prior approval from the University. The University also has a prohibition against “bias-motivated” speech. Speech First challenged the constitutionality of these policies.

Speech First, Inc. v. Wintersteen

From January 2020, to March 2020
Iowa State University

Iowa State University implemented “chalking” and “Acceptable Use of Technology Resources” policies that greatly limit students’ ability to speak on campus and using campus resources.

University of California, Chinese Virus

March 2020
University of California

University of California released a guidance document that instructs community members not to use the term Chinese virus or engage in unkind discussions. It is unclear if noncompliance with the document will result in disciplinary or any kind of unfavorable action.