Laurie Sheck, The New School

From February 2019, to August 2019
The New School

A professor at The New School was investigated for conduct in violation of the school’s discrimination policy after using the N-word in a class discussion about James Baldwin.

Jackson v. Wright

July 2020
University of North Texas

A professor of music theory became the target of a university investigation after publishing an article in an academic journal that faculty and students found racist.

Jon Zubieta, Syracuse University

From August 2020, to February 2021
Syracuse University

A professor at Syracuse University was put on administrative leave after a syllabus for one of his courses included the terms “Wuhan Flu” and “Chinese Communist Party Virus.”

Nicholas Damask, Scottsdale Community College

From April 2020, to April 2021
Scottsdale Community College

A faculty member at Scottsdale Community College proctored a quiz that offended one of his Muslim students, who published the quiz content online. SCC’s initial response was to apologize to the student and pressure the faculty member to apologize, but it later reversed course and settled with the faculty member in exchange for an agreement not to pursue a lawsuit.

Merriwether v. Trustees of Shawnee State University

From January 2018, to February 2020
Shawnee State University

A philosophy professor at Shawnee State University refused to refer to a student by her preferred gender pronouns in violation of the University’s policy. Following an investigation, the University’s Title IX coordinators concluded that Meriwether’s refusal to change his behavior and his disparate treatment of the student had created a hostile environment in the classroom. Meriwether then filed suit against the Board of Trustees and various University administrators alleging various violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Sheldon v. Dhillon

June 2007
San Jose Community College

A professor at San Jose Community College was denied an offer employment due to remarks she made in class concerning the role of genetics in sexual orientation.

Marc Lamont Hill, Temple University

November 2018
Temple University

Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at Temple University and commentator for CNN, gave a speech at the U.N. that was highly critical of Israel and which many construed as advocating for the elimination of Israel. CNN promptly fired Hill and students at Temple began protesting and demanding that the university follow suit. Despite some administrators calling for the school to look into “remedies” it could take against Hill, the university reprimanded Hill but did not terminate his employment.