Josh Blackman, City University of New York School of Law

March 2018
City University of New York School of Law

Josh Blackman, an invited speaker at City University of New York School of Law (“CUNY”) was called a racist and heckled continuously by students during the beginning of his event due to the students’ belief that he opposed the federal government’s DACA program. Although Blackman ultimately only engaged in a question and answer session after protestors left the event, the Dean of the Law School hailed the protest as “reasonable” since the disruptions did not last for a large portion of the event.

Howell v. Millersville University of Pennsylvania

From January 2020, to June 2019
Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Allen Howell joined the Millersville University of Pennsylvania music department as an associate professor in August, 2014. Allegedly, other faculty members were not pleased with his hiring. As a result, these faculty members and the university began retaliating against him for (1) critical comments he made about the University and (2) for alerting the University to gender-based harassment that occurred in one of his classes. Howell filed suit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and in 2018 the Third Circuit held that Howell had not adequately pled a prima facie First Amendment retaliation case. Following this ruling, the district court dismissed Howell’s renewed objections as moot in 2019, closing the case.

Beverly v. Watson

From July 2014, to March 2019
Chicago State University

Two professors who ran a blog that was critical of Chicago State University sued the school under §1983 for instituting overbroad and vague computer usage and harassment policies, as well as taking retaliatory action against them for running the blog.

Buchanan v. LSU

From January 2016, to January 2018
Louisiana State Univerity

On January 21, 2016, tenured education professor Teresa Buchanan filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the president of Louisiana State University and other top administrators for violating her free speech and due process rights by firing her in 2015.  Buchanan was fired for her alleged occasional use of profanity and sexual language in preparing […]