Call for Trigger Warning, Cornell University

March 2023
Cornell University

Administrators at Cornell University denied a student resolution asking the university to require faculty to provide trigger warnings about content that could be unsettling to students. This resolution would allow students to have advance notice before seeing something that could be traumatic, this included but was not limited to, sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide, and […]

Non-Disclosure Agreement, Delaware State University

March 2023
Delaware State University

Due to an increase in safety concerns on the Delaware State University campus, administrators agrees to join students to form a Safe Spaces Coalition. This was under the terms that the students signed a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring they don’t talk about the issues anywhere else. In response to this, students began protesting, stating that they […]

Faculty Group, Stanford University

January 2023
Stanford University

A group of Stanford University professors are attempting to end a system that allows students to anonymously report peers for exhibiting discrimination, stating that it threatens free speech on the campus. Professor Russel Berman wrote that it brought up concerns regarding the school’s Protected Identity Harm reporting system, which was put in place in 2021 […]

Michael Knowles, University of St. Thomas

February 2022
University of St. Thomas

A University of St. Thomas group, the College Republicans, sought to have political commentator Michael Knowles to campus. Michael Knowles is a conservative aligned political commentator, author, and media host. Additionally, he has written for The Daily Wire, an American conservative news website and media company. Following this request an official complaint to the Higher […]

Liz Cheney, Colorado College

April 2023
Colorado College

Colorado College invited Republican politician Liz Cheney to speak as the college’s commencement speaker. Liz Cheney served as the United States representative for Wyoming’s congressional district from 2017 to 2023 and is a Colorado College alum. Following the announcement students and facility began pushback efforts stating that Cheney did not represent student or college values […]

Ron McNinch, University of Guam

November 2022
Univserity of Guam

University of Guam Professor, Ron McNinch, was punished for speaking on his opinions regarding Guam’s election with students, colleagues, and the media. McNinch asked candidates to attend a political forum at the university, which he organized.  Furthermore, he stated that he would participate if a candidate did not attend. He preceded to criticize candidate who […]

Erika Lopez Prater, Hamline University

December 2022
Hamline University

Erika Lopez Prater, an Art History professor at Hamline University in Minnesota, displayed artwork showing the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Provoked by her display, Prater received the news her professorship was nonrenewed.  The University stated that their decision was based upon concerns regarding “Islamophobia.” Hamline University claims to have a commitment to embrace free expression, even […]

Flores v. Bennett

From November 2021, to October 2022
Clovis Community College

Students successfully bring suit against community college enjoining campus speech policy requiring prior approval of flyers.