Ilya Shapiro, Georgetown Law

From January 2022, to July 2022
Georgetown Law School

Georgetown Law Senior Lecturer resigns following a 122-day investigation concerning a tweet he posted about racial preferences in Biden’s Supreme Court nominees.

Joshua Katz, Princeton University

From July 2020, to May 2022
Princeton University

In June of 2022, Princeton University fired Professor Joshua Katz, a tenured professor of Classics. The University alleges that his firing resulted from the discovery that Professor Katz did not fully and honestly cooperate with an investigation into his sexual relationship with a student that occurred 15 years before his dismissal. Professor Katz alleges that […]

Florida State Universities and Colleges

June 2021
The State University System of Florida and the Florida College System

Florida law requiring students and employees at Florida’s public colleges and universities to complete voluntary surveys about their political leanings and the political climate on campuses goes into effect.