Maggie DeJong, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

From February 2022 to March 2022
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (Public college or university)
Edwardsville, IL, United States

Identity of Speakers

  • Maggie DeJong

    Maggie Dejong is a graduate student in the University of Southern Illinois Edwardsville's Art Therapy Counseling Program


Additional Information

  • Incident Nature:
  • Incident Political Orientation:
    Right wing
  • Incident Responses:
    Student sanctioned
  • Incident Status:
    No litigation
  • Was Speech Code incident


According to Alliance Defending Freedom, on February 10, 2022 Maggie DeJong received “no contact orders” from the university’s Office of Equal Opportunity, Access, and Title IX Coordination prohibiting her from having contact with certain classmates, allegedly because they believed that DeJong’s remarks concerning her political and religious beliefs constituted harassment. The orders required DeJong to have no contact or indirect communication with her classmates. The university also initiated an investigation into DeJong’s conduct. However, the university rescinded these orders and dropped its investigation within a month.