Hening v. Adair

From September 2020, to December 2022
Virginia Tech

A former Virginia Tech women’s soccer player, Kiersten Henin, made the decision to kneel during the ‘pregame unity ceremony’ in attempt to show her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The games following this her coach, Charles Adair, benched her, even though in prior games she was a starter for the team. Due to […]

Krasno v. Mnookin

From February 2021, to November 2022
University of Wisconsin

Madeline Krasno, a former employee of the University of Wisconsin, sued the University after comments she posted on the University’s social media pages were deleted. The comments regarded the treatment of animals during her time working in labs at the institution. She claimed the University was violating her First Amendment rights by deleting her comments. […]

Brown v. Linder

From January 2021, to January 2023
University of Iowa

In 2021, James Brown, a professor of urology at the University of Iowa, sued Marc Linder, a professor at the University of Iowa specializing in labor law. The lawsuit came about due to Linder’s opposition to Brown serving as an expert witness in a labor dispute regarding the Swift Pork Company’s employee bathroom break policies. […]

College Republicans, Northwestern University

From May 2023, to June 2023
Northwestern University

The Associated Student Government at Northwestern University halted the Northwestern College Republicans funding after claiming that flyers used to promote an on-campus event violated the university’s harassment policy. The flyers were promoting an event on-campus highlighting commentator James Lindsay, an American author and critic, commonly known for his promotion of conspiracy theories. The claim was […]

Christopher Rufo, New College of Florida

June 2023
New College of Florida

A trustee of New College of Florida, Christopher Rufo, tweeted that the college would not renew Professor Erik Wallenberg’s contract due to his “left-wing” teachings and critiques of administrators. This tweet violates public college’s First Amendment obligations to honor faculty expression. Professors at the college now feared repercussions for teaching how they believe is fit. […]

Censoring Student Group, Black Hills State University

From January 2023, to April 2023
Black Hills State University

Early 2023, a chapter of Young Americans for Liberty at Black Hills State University survived students around campus about the Second Amendment. The university’s Director of Public Safety. Phil Pesheck, demanded they shut down the survey as they had not filed a form three days prior. This requirement is not required for student organizations, which […]

Ban on Speech, Eastern Kentucky University

April 2023
Eastern Ketucky University

Eastern Kentucky University placed a “Media Requests” policy for all resident advisors. This policy bans resident advisors from speaking to any type of media source. This ban included both on and off campus media outlets and ensured that if a resident advisor is a member of the press, they cannot disclose any internal information. Resident […]

Call for Trigger Warning, Cornell University

March 2023
Cornell University

Administrators at Cornell University denied a student resolution asking the university to require faculty to provide trigger warnings about content that could be unsettling to students. This resolution would allow students to have advance notice before seeing something that could be traumatic, this included but was not limited to, sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide, and […]

Non-Disclosure Agreement, Delaware State University

March 2023
Delaware State University

Due to an increase in safety concerns on the Delaware State University campus, administrators agrees to join students to form a Safe Spaces Coalition. This was under the terms that the students signed a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring they don’t talk about the issues anywhere else. In response to this, students began protesting, stating that they […]

Faculty Group, Stanford University

January 2023
Stanford University

A group of Stanford University professors are attempting to end a system that allows students to anonymously report peers for exhibiting discrimination, stating that it threatens free speech on the campus. Professor Russel Berman wrote that it brought up concerns regarding the school’s Protected Identity Harm reporting system, which was put in place in 2021 […]